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Mr. Asif Khan

Mr.Asif Khan
(Founder Of Jai Hind Party)

About Founder

Mr. Asif Khan is the Founder of proposed/planned Jai Hind Party-A National Political Party of India .Mr.Asif Khan S/O Advocate Altaf Ilahi Khan young professional in his thirties, Mr. Asif khan a youngest professional seems in Indian history to have founded a national level political party with a good constructive ideology.

Mr.Asif Khan is a Btech & MBA and pursuing Law too. Mr.Asif Khan after working with Top Mulitnational Companies has been exclusively in to Social Work for many Years. Mr.Asif Khan have so far mentioned thousands of Words, of Wisdom which includes many good constructive policies and many solutions to critical National matters such as dispute of Babri Masjid & Ram Janmabhoomi,Asif Khan's view on such critical matters,conveys Asif Khan's leadership skills,problems solving approach & vision,Country is in dire need of such leadership,direction & vision. Mr.Asif Khan been dedicatedly continuing mentioning thousands of Words for Peace,Improvement & Development of Everyone,Everywhere,in Every Field & Every Era of Nation. Mr.Asif Khan’s social work through social media is also termed as a campaign of “Words from Heart..A Cause..A Lonely Movement”.

Origin of Jai Hind Party

  • Origin of Jai Hind Party lies in Asif Khan’s dedicated campaign through Social Media~Twitter(@BrandAsifKhan)/also termed as “Words from Heart..A Cause..A Lonely Movement” for approx. 5 Years now.
  • Origin of Jai Hind Party lies in years of efforts for Peace,Improvement & Development for Everyone,Everywhere,in Every Field & in Every Era of Nation.
  • On 30th January 2015,which happens to be death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi,website of Jai Hind Party is been made Live to convey to people/India/World(including those with Bad Destructive Ideology that are responsible for acts of terror/cowardice by murdering Mahatma Gandhi) & to pledge that Jai Hind Party is to awaken the fallen/murdered Mahatma Gandhi by continuing with Prophetic efforts/vision that Mahatma Gandhi followed and by exposing off & defeating the terrorism/crime/bad destructive ideology prevailing in the Country since then.
  • Differences do happen which seems one of a reason of murder of Mahatma Gandhi by none other than a so called Indian,Jai Hind Party agrees that differences exists,but doesn't agree/accept terror/criminal/confronting way of resolving differences.Jai Hind Party believes in resolving differences in a convincing way & not in confronting way.

Mr. Asif Khan

Jai Hind Party-Ideology

  • Ideology of Jai Hind Party is Good Constructive Ideology
  • Jai Hind party believes that only with Good Constructive Ideology Nation can witness Peace,Improvement & Development for Everyone,Everywhere,in Every Field & Every Era

It's not about..me..me..me & my family..it's about We..We..We..the People...