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Mr. Asif Khan

Mr.Asif Khan
(Founder Of Jai Hind Party)

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On 30th January 2015,which happens to be death anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, website of Jai Hind Party is been made Live to convey to people/India/World(including those with Bad Destructive Ideology that are responsible for acts of terror by murdering Mahatma Gandhi) & to pledge that Jai Hind Party is to awaken the fallen/murdered Mahatma Gandhi by continuing with Prophetic efforts/vision that Mahatma Gandhi followed and by exposing off & defeating the terrorism/crime/bad destructive ideology prevailing in the Country since then.

Differences do happen which seems one of a reason of murder of Mahatma Gandhi by none other than a so called Indian,Jai Hind Party agrees that differences exists,but doesn't agree/accept terror/criminal/confronting way of resolving differences.Jai Hind Party believes in resolving differences in a convincing way & not in confronting way.

#JaiHindParty Salutes to Mahatma Gandhi for his good great efforts/sacrifice/martyrdom for the Country.