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Mr. Asif Khan

Mr.Asif Khan
(Founder Of Jai Hind Party)

"We don't beg for Votes,We give you quotes"..it means Jai Hind Party is to lead/direct/guide/take the People/Country with right thinking,towards good constructive path.

Asif Khan’s Speeches

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Jai Hind Party Symbol

  • A Salute.
  • Jai Hind Party's Saluting Symbol is a blessing symbol & an appreciating symbol
  • To make the nation worth saluting.
  • To Salute the Honest & to Decimate the Dishonest/Corrupt.

Jai Hind Party Logo

  • A flag with Colour Orange..White & Green in vertical order on a blue background.
  • Meaning of logo:
    1.Orange denotes business with business ethics.
    2.White denotes Justice-accurate & quick Justice for all.
    3.Green denotes Humanity.
    4.Blue denotes a background/framework to ensure right proportion of Orange/Business..White/Justice & Green/Humanity.
  • Flag of Jai Hind is to fly high by ensuring Peace,Improvement & Development for everyone,everywhere, in every field & era of Country.


  • Peace,Improvement & Development for Everyone,Everywhere,in Every Field & Every Era of India.
  • To improve Political Platform of India to Good Constructive Ideology such that their lies competition between Constructive 1 Vs Constructive 2 and such that the trend of Destructive 1 Vs Destructive 2 or Constructive Vs Destructive doesn’t remain.
  • A single member party to billion members party..
  • A Lonely Movement to a Movement for Billions..

Jai Hind Slogans

  • Aazaad hain mulk ek se..ghulaam hain mulk anek se..Jaago Hindustaniyo Jaago..lagao nara Jai Hind ka..karao mulk ko aazaad anek ghulamiyon se...
  • Sadhu-Sant..Mulla..Paadri..Guruon ko lekar saath..thaamegi Jai Hind Party..Har Hindustaniyon ka haath...#JaiHindParty #SalutingHand #ASalute
  • "Chaahay kitnay hi ho shaanay kavvay..Jai Hind Party udaayegi sabke dhunvvay".
  • Jai Hind Party's Saluting Hand is to free the Nation from Looting Hands
  • Wake Up India..Say No to looting hands and Yes to Saluting Hand..#JoinJaiHind..#JaiHindParty...
  • Jai Hind Party~No Dynasty..Only Eligibility..(No to Dynasty..Yes to Eligibility/Capability