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Mr. Asif Khan

Mr.Asif Khan
(Founder Of Jai Hind Party)


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Politics is a business too wherein a Political Party is like a manufacturer/creator that manufactures/creates ideas/ideology/thoughts,that ideas/ideology/thoughts are then sold to people in various ways,those people who accepts it, becomes consumers of that political party by way of members/contributors/voters.The benefit/profit to Political Party lies in creating as many members/contributors/voters as possible whereas benefit/profit to people/consumers/voters lies in getting peace,improvement & development for them,for all/Country.

Think Right,that can be possible only when a Political Party/Manufacturer/Creator is like Asif Khan's Jai Hind Party with good constructive ideology/ideas/thoughts/vision.

In a scenario when Political Party/Parties are not with good constructive ideology/ideas/thoughts/maturity/vision,problems,chaos,troubles,injustice,no peace,no improvement,no development are bound to prevail in Country for all/any & many people.

Thus now is the time for every Indian to awaken themselves with right thinking and strengthen a good constructive/visionary party called Jai Hind Party."